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日本文化文流、學習之旅2017年7月Japan Summer Study Trip , Japan - July 17 to 27, 2017


Macau Summer International Volunteer Work 2019 (Manila-Palawan) has been held from 10-26 June 2019. We would like to show our apprecitions to the New Galaxy Entertainment Company Limited, JLL-Macau, Macao Foundation for the generous support on this activity.


Visits to Disadvantaged Families Paid by Young Volunteers of HERA: by Dr. Joseph Sy-Changco, its chairman and an associate professor at the University of Macau, Honlam Education and Research Association conducted a series of activities: “Young Volunteers’ Visits to the Underprivileged Families” The Activities, which were specially targeted at singleton elderly, young patients or handicapped persons, will enable young people to grow up from their love and gradually cultivate their social participation and service mission. The total number of participants is 12, mainly working young professionals. They said that the caring for the disadvantaged families not only inspired them to think about life and broaden their outlook on life, but also fostered their sense of responsibility for feeling grateful and serving the community. The event was mainly planned by young volunteers Honlam Education and Research Association. 本會於2019年6月10日至26日"國際青年義工工作培訓營" - 2019活動圖片分享集; 在此特別感謝銀河娛樂集團、JLL-Macau、澳門基金會支持! 一行十二人從澳門出發前往了馬里拉、宿霧進行探訪活動,活動中特別針對獨居長者,青年病患或傷殘的人士進行探訪活動,讓青年從愛的行動中自我成長,逐步培育他們對社會的參與及服務使命。



2019年7月4日至17日, 日本文化暑期學習之旅, 費用為HKD13,500, 男中學生優先取錄, 已包括機票、食宿、交通、短期旅行活動、所衍生的費用等。 Japan - Coultural Educaton 2019 for Macau youth from July 4 to 17, 2019 (Male, secondary with priority), Japan, incluing flight tickets, accomoodation transportation, excursion. Pleaase call Mr. Joseph Sy-Changco at 66341181

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